Athletes as The Avengers

After topping the box-office for the second straight week, Marvel Studios’ The Avengers has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. The story tells of an elite group of six superheroes teaming together to save humanity from certain destruction. Rave reviews from fans and critics continue to bode well for the film’s commercial success and has caught the eye of us here at THE SPORTS DISPENCER. Based on the skill sets of Marvel’s finest, we assembled our own team of the sports world’s premier talents.

Drew Brees as Hawkeye

Quarterback Drew Brees fills the role of the sharp-shooting super spy Hawkeye. After leading the NFL last season in completion percentage and passing yards, no doubt remains over Brees’ deadly accuracy.

Shawn Johnson as Black Widow

Known throughout the sports world for her daring acrobatics and unquestioned skill, four-time Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson is the obvious choice to represent Black Widow in The Sports Avengers.

Henrik Zetterberg as Thor

Nordic roots? Check. Master of a single handheld weapon? Check. Flowing mane of hair? Check. Detroit Red Wings star Henrik Zetterberg meets all the qualifications necessary to personify the hammer-wielding god of thunder.

Rick Monday as Captain America

Captain America is an embodiment of stars, stripes, and the American way, and no ball player represents these ideals more than former Marine and ex-Chicago Cubs center fielder Rick Monday. A two-time All-Star, Rick Monday is perhaps best known for stopping two protesters from burning an American flag in a play dubbed “the greatest in baseball.”

Kurt Bush as Iron Man

Every team has its egos, and eccentric billionaire Tony Stark’s is one of the largest. In the sports world, few athletes have the attitude problems to rival Kurt Bush, who was booted from Penske Racing in 2011. Both Bush and Stark live lavish lives, operate pricey machines, and posses the personalities to prove it.

LaRon Landry as Hulk

No being in the universe has the physique to match the invincible mound of muscle that is the Hulk, but NFL strong saftey LaRon Landry comes close. Landry recieved instant fame for pictures he posted on Twitter that revealed his garagantuan size.

What do you think? How did we do? Who would you choose? Comment below and let the discussion begin.

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